L’evinia is a range of high quality, mass market fragrances and toiletries for the young, sophisticated and elegant female.

It delivers a sophisticated, lingering scent to make woman feel in control, attractive, confident and appealing.

  • Shampoo 700g
  • Shower Creme 700g
  • Hand & Body Lotion
  • Roll-On Pearl Deodorant 50g
  • Eau De Toilette 55ml
  • Roll-on Parfum 9ml
  • Body Spray 200ml
  • Oil Control Talc 125g
  • Talc 250g
  • Roll-on Deo Nano White 50g
  • Roll-on Stick Deo 40g
  • Shower Gel 500g
  • Hand Soap 500g
  • Soap 165g
  • EDT Haute Couture Kiss 15ml
  • LEVINIA Perfumed Talc – Premier Middle East Edition
  • LEVINIA Hand & Body Lotion – Premier Middle East Edition